Parties / Catering

We are pleased to offer you and your guests a great range of handmade finger food products.

Choose from familiar favourites or something a little quirky! 

Our options suit any event. Simply choose from our range of traditional and typical Brazilian finger food selections.

We are commited to providing you with products of the highest quality.

You can order the variety and quantity that suits your event. 

Generous serves ensure that our service keep coming, while our staffing options are flexible and can be tailored to suit 
individual events.

In addition, our finger foods can be delivered on a self serve basis, either hot and ready for serving, or cold for heating in your oven.

We take care of you and we can ensure you that your party will be unforgettable with our products!

Below are sample quotes for large functions.

3.000 pieces                                                              

 3.500 pieces        

200 people ($13.50 per person)                                        

250 people  ($14.90 per person)

10 kg Mini Coxinhas                                         

17 kg Coxinhas

10 kg Mini Cheese Balls                                                   

17 kg Cheese Balls

10 kg Mini Kibes                                                                

17 kg Mini Kibes

200 pieces of Mini Hot Dogs or Heart of Palm tree/olives

250 pieces of Mini Hot dogs or Heart of  Palm tree/olives

3 types of dips                                                                        

3 types of dips

Tuna Pate or + Hot hole (meat sandwich) 

Tuna Pate or + Hot hole (meat sandwich)

Brigadeiros (chocolate balls)

Brigadeiros (chocolate balls)

                                           Contact us for more information to make your free quotation.                                              

Would you like to add an exotic taste to your event? Serve our delicious Brazilian style tapiocas! We can make "Tapioca Parties" at any event of
20+ people. You can choose from savoury or sweet options.