Tapioca Beef Catupiry

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You can order per kg. Minimum order is 4 kg. To reach the minimum order, you may combine with other Tapioca Brazil products.

The Tapioca is one of the genuine representatives of Brazilian cooking. Resulting from original food habits of South American indigenous people preserved for centuries.

 It is a nearly indispensable item scoring nine of ten in the list of Northeastern Brazilian foods served as the morning tea or night supper. 

The tapioca is present on the menus throughout Brazil.

Tapioca is made from the flour of the typically Brazilian mandioca which is spread to be heated on the plate (coagula) to a form similar to pancake or crepe.

It can be served sweet or savoury filled with butter, cheese, dried meat and the more exotic ones with banana, chocolate, pineapple, strawberry and grated coconut. It can also be filled with salads and many other options.

Nutritional information:

 The cassava is a root with a high energy and nutritional value (each 100 grams has 150 calories). It is gluten free and rich in minerals as calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins of the B complex as per Andrea Galante master and doctor in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Sao Paulo and president of the Brazilian Association of Nutrition.

 May contain traces of nuts.


Tapioca Beef Catupiry: Catupiry cheese,Beef (dried meat), butter and water.

 May contain traces of nuts.



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