Tapioca Bread 1 Box of 400g

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Tapioca Bread 1 box of 400 grams with 5 pieces


Tapioca Brazil has created Tapioca Bread especially for those who like Tapioca and do not have the time, or do not like to prepare Tapioca Starch but enjoy having this fantastic food in their daily life.Tapioca Bread is a great healthy option to give you energy. Our Tapioca bread is  already done, all you have to do is heat it up in your  frying pan or  sandwich maker, following the 4 easy steps. It  is the hydrated cassava starch, a type of carbohydrate rich in fibres and free of cholesterol, lactose and trans-fat. It is a great option to include in your breakfast or any daily meal, ensuring that you have more energy during the day. Besides being delicious, tapioca has been gaining space in the food choices of those with a healthy conscience, due to the fact that it is very healthy and a bread substitute gluten free. Various nutritionists in Brazil include Tapioca in the diets of those who are looking to lose weight.

Tapioca not only substitutes your daily bread intake, but it also has various nutritional benefits. Some of the health benefits of tapioca are as follows:

  • Helps to increase circulation and red blood cell count
  • Helps protect against birth defects
  • Helps to Improves digestion·         Lower cholesterol
  • Helps  to prevent diabetes
  • Helps Improves metabolic activities
  • Helps protect bone mineral density
  • Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  • Helps protect heart health
  • Ability to help in healthy weight gain
  • Helps maintain fluid balance within the body

Tapioca is also an easily digestible source of carbohydrate, which is our main source of energy. Therefore, tapioca is a great choice for athletes, to help maintain good blood sugar levels before and after physical activity.

Another great benefit of tapioca Bread  is:

·         Gluten free
·         Protein free
·         Lactose free

.         Egg free

.        Tapioca Bread  by Tapioca Brazil contains no preservatives, sodium or fats.

 Cooking instructions: 

1- Pre-heat a non-stick frying pan.  Once heated, pour 2 tablespoons of water. Place a disk of tapioca bread in the frying pan over a piece of baking paper, which comes in your package. Ensure that you have it over low heat.

2- Place the filling of your choice (not included) over half or all of it. Fold it in half or keep it open like a pizza. Cover your frying pan with a lid and wait for 1 minute.
3-  If you choose to fold it, turn your tapioca bread (using the baking paper) to ensure it is cooked on both sides.

4- Remove the baking paper and enjoy your tapioca.






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